Product swap day might be the greatest event in Bath & Unwind office history. The buzz was electric. In a company full of women who love what we work with, this went down a treat.

The internal monologue went something like “oh my…someone has my name, and they are going to pick me products!  This is like Christmas! I wonder who it is? I wonder if they know what I might like? Maybe they will ask me! Hazel knows my hair type, she would sort me out…Emily knows my skin care woes…the girls on my floor all know what I like… this is going to be AWESOME.

I bet you wonder who picked my name? The company technical director, Mr Lee Tracey. Yep. There was a 14% chance a guy could pick your name, I am just that lucky.

Lee and I work closely together, and I would say he knows me pretty well, but not in a way that tells me he has ever paid any attention to anything regarding what beauty products I use or even talk about. I didn’t let him suffer though, so I casually brought up a few things I had been interested in that were new to the site during our normal daily correspondence. He did not disappoint and chose a few things I am super eager to try for you!

First, I received two of the new Korres Nail Colours, Coral Pink and Midnight Blue. These look amazing, and I will be posting again when I get to doing my nails with each of these. (Sneak preview: I did paint one nail with the Coral Pink when I got it…amazing coverage, low smell and looks fantastic, but I will reserve full judgement for the full, proper treatment.)

Secondly, I was given the new Jurlique Rose Moisture Moisturising Cleanser, a light hydrating foaming cleanser. My face is generally somewhere between dry and parched, so I am hoping adding this as part of my routine will help improve things.

As an aside, you will also see featured in my image my desk plant, a lovely little succulent, and Lee’s coffee. He has mad latte skills, and he wants everyone to know about it.

Will be back in the next few weeks to let you know how I got on with these goodies!

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