We’ve all considered it – wondered what we could look like with a brand new hair colour. A few months ago I decided to brave it, and asked my hairdresser what he thought my hair would look like if it was a little lighter. I had always been a nice shade of auburn and was curious to hear his opinion because of my pale skin tone.

Before I knew it, I was booked in to have a half head of highlights with a junior stylist. I was a little apprehensive but went to my appointment, telling myself that I wouldn’t know if I liked it if I never tried it. Anyway, I could dye it out if I hated it right?

I was so wrong!

The girl who was doing my hair clearly was having a bad day, (either that, or she didn’t like my perfume!). She popped the foils in my hair and went out the back to read a magazine for what seemed like ages. She took the foils out, told me that my hair looked lovely, took my money and off I went. Walking home, I kept touching my hair and checking my new look in shop windows (as you do) and straight away I noticed that my hair was dry.

The effects of colour damaged hair

A couple of days later when I was brushing it, I noticed that there was broken hair everywhere. I twisted the ends in my fingers and it broke off in my hands! Ever since then it stayed pretty much the same, and was especially bad in certain areas. I stopped using my dryer and straighteners, and got some conditioner especially for dry hair but nothing helped. I can only assume that the cause of this was the colour treatment being left in for too long.

Best products to fix damaged hair

A few weeks later, I started working at Bath & Unwind, and I was soon on to the buying team to ask what they thought I should try. Hazel recommended Joico K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor or Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme. I went for K-PAK as it had such good customer reviews on our site and was a little cheaper.

K-PAK has a gorgeous summery smell of coconut and banana; it only needs to be used once a week. I tried it first by using it before washing my hair, and then the next time, after washing. The latter worked better for me; it made my hair so much stronger and I had stopped moulting when brushing, RESULT!

Then, in our product swap, I got a 20ml trial size sachet of Elasticizer Extreme, and as you may have read, I was super excited to try it, because  it was originally created specifically for Audrey Hepburn and has won numerous awards. The Elasticizer Extreme can be used more frequently then K-PAK if desired. I use this before washing my hair as it recommends, and only on the really dry areas of my hair. Afterwards, when my hair is towel dry, I add a little MoroccanOil in the same dry areas. I can honestly say that my hair is noticeably conditioned, stronger and has a healthy shine to it, (I have had comments from my boyfriend about how nice my hair looks, and that never usually happens!).

Hair bad/good

I would definitely recommend both products to someone who has had a nightmare experience like mine, and desperately needs to repair their dry, colour damaged hair. As you can see for yourself my hair is looking so much healthier now, all thanks to these miracle products!

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