Why I love Trilogy

As part of our great product swap experiment, Annie chose Trilogy’s Sensitive Skin Very Gentle Calming Fluid for me to try, to help calm my spot-prone skin. It is such a lovely gentle moisturiser and is great to use when your skin is feeling tired and sore from yet another flare-up. I’ve been using it mostly in the evening and overnight to calm my skin and reduce redness ready for the next day. Thank you Annie for this great recommendation!

To complement the calming fluid, I also treated myself to Trilogy’s Balancing Gel Cleanser. This is working really well for me so far as it leaves my skin feeling tingling fresh and clean, but without that harsh tightness you can sometimes get from other cleansers. I’ve been using it twice a day to help balance my skin and I have seen my complexion clearing up after just 10 days.

But it’s not just on my face I love to use Trilogy – it’s great for my hair too. I have quite dry hair which is a frizzy mess for a good 12-24 hours after I wash and dry it, no matter what styling products and tools I use. I was initially reluctant to try a product that was so natural, foolishly believing that only artificial ingredients would have the strength to tame my wild hair.

However, from just one use of the Smooth Shine Shampoo followed by the Moisturising Conditioner, my hair felt so soft I couldn’t stop touching it, and my hair looks much less scarecrow-like once it’s dried. The shampoo doesn’t foam as much as you find in other shampoos, but it works perfectly and both the shampoo and conditioner smell gorgeous. After just a few weeks’ use, I think I can safely say that I no longer have dry hair.

I always prefer to use natural products on my skin and Trilogy products contain up to 100% active botanical ingredients, sourced from plants, flowers and minerals, most of which are also organic. I am always interested in the philosophy and ethics behind our brands and I particularly identify with Trilogy’s: “Ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the skin, but must also meet ethical and environmental requirements.” What could be better?

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