I am a sucker for the weird and wonderful, so when I started hearing rumours of this ‘magical’ jelly from mysterious Japanese brand Astalift, I was instantly intrigued. Then when I heard the brand has become somewhat of a craze in Japan, and is part of the No.1 selling skincare range, I was sold.

I have been using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta for about two weeks now. The first thought I had when twisting the lid was how perfect and placid the surface of the jelly was. I scooped some (I was probably a little overzealous with it, but I was so excited!) onto my hand and tried to rub it in, which I immediately realised doesn’t work. On contact with the skin, the jelly goes slightly sticky or tacky, so all it needs is to be gently patted in. The basic idea of the jelly is to prepare your skin for moisturiser, and to deliver astaxanthin, a highly effective antioxidant which helps prevent free radical and environmental damage.

During my trial of the jelly, I happened to be moving house and any of you who have lived in student accommodation will know it can get a bit dusty, (who remembers to dust the back of the TV anyway?). Jelly Aquarysta, teamed with a rich  moisturiser, created a wonderful moisture barrier between me and the dust which made my skin feel protected.

I can safely say I am now in love with, and perhaps a little bit addicted to, this curious product, even after only a couple of weeks of use.


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