About a year ago, a new craze emerged called swishing. This entailed getting together with friends and swapping clothes you don’t want any more or have never worn. At a time when everyone was watching their pennies, it seemed like a very inviting activity to get that retail therapy hit (that we all crave) without parting with the pounds. Fab.

Here at Bath & Unwind HQ, we all love beauty, in fact we probably have at least three products to every one of Josephine Public’s. But hey, that’s why we do the jobs we do and why we can confidently offer you advice on what our products do and why we chose to stock them. It’s all in the name of research, honestly!

So when our buyer Hazel came up with the idea of doing a product swap day (swishing with beauty treats), I think everyone felt super excited that not only were more products on offer to try, but the poor unloved, unused bottles and pots sitting abandoned on our dressing tables would find a welcome new home. Nobody likes seeing things go to waste, not least our team.

Beauty swishing day was a resounding success! Everyone laid their goods out on a large table and we walked around eyeing up what we fancied like sharks circling their prey. At first everyone was a bit polite, but by the end there were bottles being squirted and perfumes being spritzed aplenty. Anything that was left over and still sealed we donated to charity.

The reason I am telling our story is because we want to encourage you to do the same with your friends or colleagues, as it’s such a giggle. You do need to set a few ground rules, especially for hygiene reasons, but at a time when we are still needing to watch the pennies, it’s a cost effective way to try new products and makeup without a massive upfront investment. We did ours in the office, but on a Friday night with a bottle of wine sounds even better.

We’d love to hear about your beauty swishing events; let us know what you are planning and we may just be able to contribute some products for you to try.

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