ref=””>Caudalie Cleansing Water to remove my makeup in the evenings. I really love using it as it smells really fresh, reminding me of spring, and removes my makeup really well. A little too well sometimes; I’m amazed at the amount of dirt that accumulates on my face during a normal day. It just shows how important it is to thoroughly cleanse your face, especially at night.

After using the cleansing water, my face feels really clean and refreshed and not dry or tight which can happen with some cleansers. I find it really gentle and use it to remove eye makeup as well.

Last night I also tried the Caudalie Merlot Friction Scrub for the first time. I haven’t loved other scrubs I’ve used before, as they are either too rough, leaving my skin feeling really dry, or too soft and don’t feel like they are doing much, but Caudalie have got it just right for me. There was enough texture to feel like I was using a scrub, yet it was gentle and the essential oils left my skin feeling really soft and smooth. You should use a scrub twice a week on wet skin, massaging the whole body with circular movements, then rinse.

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