Nude skincare was born when Fresh & Wild founder Bryan Meehan met fair trade pioneer Ali Hewson and decided that their passion for ethical business and good nutrition could be applied to a new project. Luckily for all of us it turned out to be skincare.

The Nude team have received boundless praise from beauty industry professionals because of their innovative use of ingredients and on going commitment to producing highly effective products to give their devotees true skin confidence. And it is also for these reasons that we are so proud to offer the range to our Bath & Unwind customers.

Many of us take probiotic supplements or drink probiotic drinks because it is a well proven fact that these are beneficial to our internal health and well-being. Nude have extended this thinking to their skincare products, it seems so logical really!

So what would it take for you to let your skin go nude? I know it’s a scary thought for some of us. I have been using some Nude products including the cult hero ProGenius Treatment Oil  for a couple of weeks now and I will be happy to report back to you on whether my ‘no makeup Sundays’ will be turning into ‘no makeup Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays’…….

I’ll keep you posted.

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