Looking back through our blogs whilst bored on the train, I noticed that we have a heinous lack of posts featuring male grooming products.

It’s understandable really, bearing in mind that our two token office males Dave and Lee are more interested in the complex mechanics of the latest Audi R8 than in the intricate workings of the most recent collagen-boosting, wrinkle-decreasing, radiance-restoring wonder skin product.

So what to do? I could have a little dabble myself with some of the male products we offer. However, despite being cursed with the shoulders of an American quarterback, I have equally been blessed with a fairly stubble-free complexion and have managed to culture, over time, fairly feminine hair, (I did once attempt a chic gamine cut as a 12 year old in the hope of looking like Demi Moore in her Ghost phase, but ended up looking like, well, a young Donny Osmond).

My point being – there are some products that, in the ever so politically correct words of Yorkie, are just ‘not for girls’.

My only viable option then, is to coerce my fiancé James into preening, prepping and poshifying himself for the sake of our readers. You would think that he’d be excited by the prospect of being beautified for free – far from it. In exchange for owning his skin and hair for the upcoming months (in a non-Silence of the Lambs type way!), I shall be making copious amounts of tea and agreeing to turn off Britain’s Next Top Model whenever he is in the room.

This is James to the left. As you can see, when it comes to primping, he’s more your rugged neanderthal than your metrosexual poster boy. However, with a little help, we may be able to raise him to the level of Pitt/Clooney groomed-ness…whilst hopefully avoiding the extremes of the recent (Elizabeth Hurley orchestrated) transformation of Shane Warne.

So, prepare yourself for a few male musings on skin and hair care in the future. If there are any products that you might like to learn more about, feel free to suggest below, and I shall endeavor to inflict test said products on James.

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