James Bond fever is in full effect at the Bath & Unwind office! Even if you aren’t one for spies and car chases, you can certainly get behind the idea of luxury and pampering yourself! A few of us from the Design & Development team are here to share our favourite things that glitter and shine, inspired by Goldeneye, The Man With The Golden Gun, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever.

Laura loves…

Then I stumbled across Butter London’s West End Wonderland which is so much easier and cleaner (and slightly less weird!) than sticking my nails into my little sister’s glitter pots. It doesn’t leave a super smooth finish but if you apply a top coat it helps. But anyway…who cares? You have Gold-finger-nails! (See what I did there?)

Annick wants…

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be joining the Bath & Unwind team and trying out all the new and amazing products! This is my first week at Bath & Unwind and I have already found so many I want to use and try out. We

A daily essential of mine is natural bronzer- I am a BIG fan! Due to my hamster-like cheeks, a bronzer helps to contour them and also highlights my face with a little more colour, rather than pale snow white! I have heard lots of good things about the brand Rituals and this Rituals Bronzing Powder sounds perfect! With a silky smooth texture and radiant glow, this beautifully designed compact will be great to pop into my handbag.  

On top of that, This Works Gold Shimmer Balm sounds amazing, and will be added to my already planned Christmas stocking! Providing a great instant radiance and glow to my complexion, this balm can be applied directly to the cheekbones as well as lips and eyelids. My skin is fairly sensitive too, so being 100% natural and enriched with monoi oil this would be ideal for me to use. So if you want your make up to have a Golden Girl added touch, I would definitely recommend this!

Julia can’t live without…

If there is one product that really changed my face care routine, it was Liquid Gold from Alpha H. If you read our blog often, you know our buyer and resident facialist Emily, raves about it. If you are not familiar, Liquid Gold is a refining and firming lotion that you apply three or four times a week to clean skin, and it works overnight to fix your skincare woes, including improving the appearance of fine lines, minimizing pores and improving the complexion. It’s no exaggeration that many of us who use this product generally think it just about sorts out all of our facial needs, and to me that is the definition of luxury! Try Liquid Gold in our exclusive Liquid Gold Collection, which includes a night repair serum and rejuvenating cream, or on its own within your own skincare routine.

For my makeup needs, I have finally found a single kit that I can wear everyday, from office to evening. We featured this item a few months ago, so I had to try it, and I have not looked back. Jemma Kidd’s Bio-Mineral Essentials Kit in Rose is a set full of golden tones and shimmer that is the perfect warm and seemingly effortless natural. I love having my lipstick, blush, eye-shadow and mirror all in one small compact, easily tucked into my bag. Any Bond girl can tell you, you need to be able to look your best and pack light, you never know where you will have to jet off to, or who you might see when you get there.

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