Since I was a child, I have had many, many, MANY problems with my skin. When I was as young as a tiny little baby, I suffered with severe eczema all over my body, including my hands, arms and legs.

My bad skin continued on to my school days which became a teenage girl’s nightmare. Because we wore grey skirts, I always used to wear tights to cover my legs; even if it was sunny weather, there was no chance of my bare legs being shown to the world! When I had a P.E. lesson, I used to beg my mum to write a sick note to give to my teacher so I wouldn’t have to wear short skirts whilst playing netball or any other sport outside. It made me very conscious of how I looked.

Also, when I came back from holiday all tanned, I would always have random white patches on my skin, where the affected areas were, so my friends used to think I had caught some sort of deadly virus!

I’ve lost count of how many times I went to the doctors and how many creams I tried to get rid of it. At the age of 22 years, I still suffer with bad skin now and again. However, I have learnt how to control it a little, calm down my skin gradually and be able not to scratch as much with some natural, sensitive products made for people like me.

When I started at Bath & Unwind, I told my new colleagues that I may not be able to use some products because of my skin. Yet if there’s a will, there is always a way! Now and again, the girls suggested different products for me to try out and use on my skin to see whether or not it worked.

After a hot shower when I’m all red and itchy, I love to treat myself to a thorough moisturising session to calm my skin down. So, to start with, I used First Aid Beauty Body Moisturizer. It’s a good size bottle that contains a fragrance free formula which is perfect for everyday use. I was amazed how quickly the moisturiser soaked in and it made my legs silky smooth. It didn’t irritate my skin at all which is a real bonus!

For my face, I used First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate which delivered similar results. Instead of a cream though, it is a multi-purpose balm that really worked on my dry patches around my eyes and on my cheeks.

After trying these, I wanted to see if I could use others with more of a scent that are a smaller size to carry around. Steam Cream Ayame answered my prayers. The cream smells luxurious and really made my hands as soft as a baby’s bum! It even comes in a beautifully designed tin so I love being able to take this everywhere with me.

I was given Jurlique Love Balm to protect my sensitive, dry, cracked lips… perfect now it’s getting into this cold time of the year. It’s lightly fragranced with organic tangerine oil and also increases the moisture levels so they stay softer for longer. This is now an essential item to have on my desk at work.

For my makeup purposes, I always hated putting a foundation straight onto my rough skin because it often didn’t leave a complete and clear complexion. Instead it made my face look patchy.

Now I use Bare Escentuals Prime Time over my face before I apply a foundation base. It really does the trick and leaves a flawless finish to my complexion, removing any dry patches. This is perfect for the winter season and even makes my makeup stay on for longer.

So there you go. For you little sensitive souls out there, these are my magical products to use. I am so glad I have some new products to use on my skin that now don’t make me feel worried or nervous to use. They even smell amazing and leave my skin soft which, obviously, leaves a big, fat smile on my face. I cannot wait to try out more and wave bye bye to those rashes!

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