Some may think that a skincare brand calling their latest product a ‘Wonder Essence’ is slightly immodest. However, I’m confident that the latest This Works product will live up to its name and, with the help of Creative Director Kathy Phillips, I’ll explain why…

The use of essences and elixirs is widespread throughout parts of Asia, including Japan and Korea. However, despite its obsession with youthful looks, most of the Western world has been fairly slow off the mark, sticking with astringent toners and heavy creams.

But this is now changing, as the latest influx of products to hit the UK beauty market is set to show us that sometimes less is more, and that lighter serums have been key to the porcelain clear and smooth complexions we’ve envied for all these years.

Luxury brand Astalift launched in the UK less than a year ago, and behind its success is the Japanese company that bought us photographic technology, Fujifilm. Its Aquarysta Jelly Concentrate has already obtained cult status, showing us that these lighter products are the way forward in our mission for healthy, beautiful skin.

Traditional toners tighten pores and harden the top layers of the skin – which admittedly may sound ideal if you suffer from enlarged pores and blackheads – however it also means that if you haven’t done a thorough job of cleansing,  that any dirt trapped inside those pores stays there to fester and cause spots. What’s more, any expensive anti-ageing creams you apply afterwards are unable to be absorbed fully, (and those scientifically advanced ingredients that you bought it for are almost useless).

This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence is easy to use and works to tackle most major signs of ageing. Naturally occurring protease enzymes (yes, you know, the ones you learnt about in biology at school if you were paying attention!) gently sweep away old and damaged cells from your skin’s surface to leave it looking brighter, even and smoothed.  At the same time, powerful antioxidants work to soothe, heal and regulate serum production to ensure a clearer complexion overall.

Used quickly after cleansing but before you apply your serum and moisturiser, this simple step is easy to incorporate into your existing skincare routine and you should see a difference within 28 days of daily use.

Here Kathy Phillips, Creative Director at This Works HQ explains further her inspiration for their latest product:

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