If keeping your complexion clean, clear and healthy was your New Year’s resolution for 2013, but you’re currently struggling to obtain the dewy radiance of a model, don’t despair! The Murad Hybrids range will not only get your skin back on track, but will also even your skin tone, calm redness and reduce pore size.

I’m sure those of you who are already fans of the lovely Murad skincare ranges will back me up when I speak highly of these products, all of which are inspired by and developed for the needs of the patients that Dr Murad sees in his medical practice in Los Angeles and boast impressive results.

The Hybrids range is no exception, with products not only formulated to offer temporary cosmetic benefits, such as disguising blemishes, flaws and uneven skin tone, but also to treat the cause of these problems and optimise your skin health in the long term.

The Hybrids range consists of several primers, eye products and a bronzer. These are both a great substitute for your daily foundation or can be used underneath your existing makeup as a protective base.

I’ve been using the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish for several months now and love the coverage and finish it gives to my skin for daytime use; it blends in effortlessly and leaves my skin soft, even and appears to shrink the pores around my nose. If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, read on to find out more about how adding a primer to your makeup regime can improve your skin in both the short and long term.

Murad Hybrids range

  • Why use a primer?

Primers work as a protective base and create a perfect surface for longer lasting, smoother foundation application, by simultaneously controlling excess shine in oily areas and moisturising dry skin as needed. They can also incorporate a built-in SPF to protect your skin from sun damage as well as other ingredients to boost your skin and fight imperfections. For instance, Murad Skin Perfecting Acne & Shine Control Primer contains probiotics to control spot-causing bacteria and salicylic acid to dissolve the dry skin and sebum that may clog pores.

  • Will it offer enough coverage?

Murad primers are the consistency of a tinted moisturiser, so they won’t totally cover a nasty inflamed spot, severe scarring or age spots. However, the beauty of these products is that they are your skincare treatment and makeup base rolled into one, so you can simply use your regular foundation or concealer sparingly over areas where extra coverage is needed without worrying about it looking ‘caked on’. A bonus is that you’ll also find your normal makeup looks better, lasts longer and you don’t need half as much when used in conjunction with a primer. The faint colour of the primers adjusts to your natural skin tone so it’s also unlikely that you will have a problem with it being too light or too dark.

  • How do I use it?

A primer should be applied after your moisturiser and before makeup, however it can also be used on its own for a naturally radiant look. Simply apply your chosen primer with fingers to the whole face or just to areas where your regular makeup doesn’t stick (usually the nose, chin and forehead) and allow it to sink in for a few moments before applying anything on top, allowing the ingredients to penetrate your skin.

  • I’m still not looking naturally radiant! What else can I use?

There are also two eye pens – the Eye Lift Perfector and the Eye Lift Illuminator – both of which suit most skin tones. The Perfector is best for de-puffing the area and reducing fine lines and the Illuminator is best for brightening the eye area and diffusing dark circles. These two products are also great for using on other areas of the face, such as around the nose or on the crease of your chin for a bit of extra coverage. If you’re a fake tan fanatic or want to add a little more warmth to your complexion, the Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF15 offers a tinted glow that suits all, as well as antioxidant and UV protection to restore tone and reduce sun damage.

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