These are truly terrible situations, but there are some fantastic organisations out there (such as Women’s Aid and Refuge) that are dedicated to helping women in these situations. These organisations offer a safe place to stay, essentials such as clothes and food and, most importantly, support. However, these organisations also need support, often in monetary or goods donations. This is where non-profit initiatives come into help, such as Give and Make Up.

Give and Make Up’s sole purpose is to get toiletries, cosmetics, and heath and beauty products into the hands of people who need them, people who have had to suddenly up and leave their homes. We all know how a nice hot bubble bath and a fresh coat of nail polish can make you feel a hundred times better when you aren’t quite feeling yourself and this is what Give and Make Up’s aim is – to help women feel themselves again. And this is where we come in!

Working in this job, we end up with many products in our office every day. Having so many products in bottles and jars, accidental damage is inevitable. Sometimes the pump on a bottle will pop off or a product box will get a bit squashed – these kinds of damages mean that these products aren’t quite perfect any more, but they are still very much usable. However, it would be such a waste to throw these products away or to just leave them to live in a box at Bath & Unwind HQ.

This is exactly why we have teamed up with Give and Make Up! I take our damaged products and split them into two categories – ‘daily essentials’ and ‘beauty’. All the ‘daily essential’ items are donated straight to Give and Make Up, and the ‘beauty’ products are put up for sale for the staff at Bath & Unwind to buy – the money from this is then given straight to Give and Make Up. This means Give & Make Up get a monetary donation to help keep them going, and products to give to the women who need them after leaving everything they own behind.

If you have any new or used products you would like to donate (please check out Give and Make Up’s website to see what they are after) then get in touch  – Bath & Unwind HQ is now the drop off/collection point for the South West. So you bring us the products you would like to donate, we collect it all together and arrange for it be picked up by Give and Make Up.

So, if you are inspired to have a beauty drawer clear out and find anything that you would like donate (don’t worry, you can donate products that have been lightly used!), then drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be able to help you.

So go on everyone – Give and Make Up!


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