I’ve become a bit of a mask addict of late, and recently had the pleasure of trialling a new spa facial mask from the relatively new brand-on-the-block Astalift.

Launched in 2012, Astalift was THE brand of year. Created by Fujifilm, (yes the same company that produces your camera!) Astalift uses a naturally occurring antioxidant called Astaxanthin in all their products to shield skin against the daily environmental damage that can cause and accelerate visible ageing – and it is this that gives all their products their signature red colour.

This Astaxanthin, alongside collagen, is broken into the smallest micro particles to be used in skincare to ensure that the goodness of these products can be fully absorbed into skin, leaving it protected, supple and luminous. Those who have already tried their cult Jelly Aquarysta Rejuvenating Concentrate will back up these claims and will be just as suitably impressed by their new moisture mask.

The Astalift Intense Re-Plumping Moisture Mask comes as a serum-infused fabric mask in two sachets: one for your lower face, and one for your upper face. Now the problem most of us usually have with fabric masks is getting them to actually stay on your face, which is the first thing that differentiates the Astalift mask from others. Thanks to the the elastic qualities of the fabric, you can stretch the lower mask over your lips and lower cheek area, before doing the same with the other half of the mask, which stretches comfortably over your nose and forehead area. The fabric stays in full contact with your skin even whilst walking about the house. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop you looking a tad scary whilst wearing the mask (see the video below) so make sure the kids are in bed!

The mask is absolutely saturated in Astalift Firming Serum, more than your face could possibly absorb in 10 minutes of use. However, as our Astalift rep Julie explained to me, do not leave it on for any longer after 10/15 minutes, the fabric mask actually starts to re-absorb the product from your skin, therefore drawing all the lovely moisture and goodness back out with it. Instead, after the allotted time, I removed the mask from my face and placed the lower half over my neck area for 10 minutes, rubbing any remaining product into my skin, and over my arms and legs.

And the result? Super plump skin! This mask delivers seriously impressive results after just one use. My skin was left looking even, clear and amazingly ‘springy.’ In fact, I couldn’t stop poking my cheeks, such was the delight in seeing them spring back to their newly firm selves, (yes, really!) and insisted that my colleagues did the same the next day at work. This would be an amazing mask to use the night before any big occasion, such as a wedding, to make sure you look healthy and glowing the next day- although the fantastic results did easily last a week, so I would recommend adding it as a regular treat to your usual skincare regime.

Astalift Intense Re-Plumping Moisture Mask is available as an individual mask, or as a pack of 4. It is also included in their new Radiance Boosting Trio set which makes a great introduction to the brand, or a gift for a loved one.

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