That annoyingly skinny and perky girl from the gym showers with them. Those hip celebs ease the mind with them after a particularly deep Kabbalah/Scientology session. The carrot-cake eating, coffee-lunching Primrose Hill set bathe their children in them.

I’m talking about organic and natural beauty products.

These bad boys are no longer relegated to the realms of vegan die-hards and yoga gurus. Rather, they have crossed the divide, bridged the gap between slathering mashed banana onto your face, and injecting unpronounceable science-y ingredients into the skin.

Modern health and wellbeing addicts want dermatologist-approved results, whilst keeping products as close to how nature intended as possible. Yes, it seems like having our (unprocessed) cake and eating it. But now we can. Yes, it seems too good to be true. But now it isn’t. Believe you me, we know… we didn’t quite believe the hype ourselves until we went over to the dark side…and never came back.

Our must-have natural products

Trilogy Everything Balm

I use it for well, everything! It saved my sunburnt feet whilst on holiday last year, and is brilliant for chapped lips, dry patches and removing stubborn eye makeup. 

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Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender Organic Essential Oil

I dilute in in water and dab it on spots as it is a good anti-inflammatory. I also use it on small cuts after cleaning with water to help skin heal. Oh, and I dab it on my dog’s collar to keep the fleas away!

                                                                                                                Phyto PhytoProgenium Intelligent Shampoo

 A lovely simple, no-frills shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down. 


Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Me Face & Body Cream

Brilliant for my super-sensitive and eczema prone skin. Equally, anything with aloe vera in it is ideal for calming redness and irritation quickly. Natural and organic wonder brand Jason has its own aloe vera range.

Caudalie Divine Oil

This is my best buddy when it comes to multi-tasking. It deals with my twin bugbears of dry hair (it adds a lovely silky sheen) and dry skin (I slather it on my legs and arms at night). I also use it as cuticle oil and as a subtle alternative to perfume because it smells of amazing grapes (there’s a terrible song in that somewhere).


Lucas Paw Paw

Although we don’t sell it on Bath & Unwind (yet!), I love this all-rounder. I apply it to lips, burns, dry elbows and my daughter’s bottom when I change her nappy!

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