Sometimes it seems there simply isn’t enough time to pamper ourselves and whatever it is that’s keeping us busy – a hectic work schedule, umpteen play dates or a social calendar that would put Cara Delevingne to shame – always ends up taking priority.


But treating ourselves to a little TLC is something no woman should forgo, so whether you have three minutes or three hours, we’ve rounded up some brilliant indulgences that are all about having a little ‘me’ moment.

10 seconds Light a candle. It only takes two ticks but within minutes your surroundings will be transformed. If you’re tired and wanting an energy boost try Neom’s Organic Treatment Candle in Invigorate. Stressed and frazzled? Bag Green & Spring’s Relaxing Travel Candle Set and unwind with the cocooning and soothing scent. On the move? A few drops of Cowshed’s Knackered Cow Relaxing Perfume Oil Roll-On dabbed on to your pulse points will keep you chilled no matter how big the traffic jam.

5 minutesRefresh those hardworking hands. Think ultra-nourishing formulas like Burt’s Bee’s wonderful Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream that helps get skin soft and supple in mere seconds. Our hands are full of pressure points so for prime mood-boosting effect, take a little extra time to massage it in and pay particular attention to the palm and pads beneath your fingers and thumb.

stressblog-mask15 minutesPop on a face mask. Fifteen minutes is the perfect time for most masks to seriously indulge your skin. Anne Semonin’s The Daily Musts Coffret has perfect-size pots to deliver whatever your skin is craving, from a brightening polish to a big drink of moisture. Slather on your desired formula and forget about it whilst you prep for the rest of the day or a big night out. More worried about your tresses? Philip Kingsley’s iconic Elasticizer works in 10 minutes before your usual shower to help give you an extra bounce.

30 minutesDo a mini-mani. Brittle and flaking nails are the bugbear of many a woman but a few minutes is plenty of time to slick on a nourishing basecoat. If you have half an hour, then go the whole hog and start by softening your cuticles in warm water. Apply a cuticle cream and then gently push them back using an orange-wood stick. Apply a base coat and then have a little fun with two coats of your favourite prettifying polish. Nude hues are making a return (check out the ice cool whites at Rag & Bone) but if you prefer a spot of colour and are feeling indecisive then opt for OPI’s Peace, Love & OPI which shimmers in grey, green AND purple. Add a top coat once the colour has dried and you’re good to go!

stressblog-bath1 hour Take the phone off the hook. Time to switch off, declare the bathroom out of bounds and run yourself a decadent bath. Pour in a delightful scent such as Elemis Sp@Home Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir and whilst the room fills with fragrant steam give yourself a body brush (making sure always to brush towards the heart) to get your circulation going and rid yourself of dry skin cells. Slip beneath the suds and relax. When you’re ready to emerge (fluffy towel at the ready), take time to slather your whole body with a nourishing moisturiser, such as Korres’s Guava Body Butter. Not only will you smell divine, but your skin will stay soft and supple for hours.

The tip that everyone has time for: However busy you are, when you finally hit the hay you want to get the best sleep possible. Even if you’re staggering in at 3am, take a few seconds to spritz your pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It will help calm and soothe you into a more refreshing slumber so you wake up ready to tackle that busy schedule!


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