My 2 year old daughter has the most amazing eyelashes. Sadly she doesn’t get them from me so I’m having to hold back my desire to play with hers and test out all the fabulous mascaras we sell. Not that I’m into children wearing makeup. Beauty pageants like make me want to scream and already I can’t bear the thought of my little girl growing up and plastering her face to look like someone out of TOWIE.

Ridiculous makeup aside, there are lots of gorgeous products on the market that I would encourage parents to use on their children and here are my top ten recommendations for little ones (oh and the odd suggestion for all the amazing hot mammas out there too).

1)         Love Boo Bay Splashy Bubbles
Aside from the very pretty packaging, these bubbles smell divine and are packed with lots of goodies to keep baby skin nice and soft.

2)      Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment

Having a pot of ointment that can be used all over is really handy and this one contains shea butter which naturally nourishes the skin and prevents dryness everywhere.

3)      Jason Earth’s Best Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

Not all sunscreens are paraben free but this one is and I find SPF30 is high enough in the UK sunshine for my daughter’s skin.

4)      Bloom and Blossom Mother and Baby Oil

Like most mothers, babies love massages and this chemical-free product is full of natural plant oils which soften and smooth the skin. The lavender also helps calm, making it the perfect thing to apply before bedtime.

5)      This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve yet to meet a parent who won’t try anything to get their children to sleep soundly! This is my hero product and all the natural ingredients mean that it’s safe to use on little babies as well. Don’t miss out on the Christmas edition for adults too!

Ruby & Ed Lace Up Baby Booties with Seal Pup Toy6)      Ruby + Ed Lace Up Baby Booties

How cute are these? Sadly my daughter has out-grown her baby pair, and Ruby + Ed are yet to make sizes for children, however they are definitely on my Christmas shopping list for my 3 month old niece.

7)      Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit

My best friend is due to have triplets any day now. Yes triplets! When she found out I sent her this pack containing three (her new lucky number) essential potions to help her look after her own body. Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit

8)      MOP Pear Detangler

I’m a big fan of most MOP products and this one has become my favourite after having to deal with my daughter’s crazy blonde locks. This product, used with a tangle teaser, helps save a lot of tears when it comes to yanking knotty hair.

9)      Jason Earth’s Best Strawberry & Banana Toothpaste

Tooth brushing has become a massive deal in my household. My husband and I take turns each night to convince our daughter it’s a good thing to do. We’ve tried everything – electric toothbrush, reward chart, singing songs and even bribes. But she remains unconvinced and the battle of wills continues. One thing that did give us a glimmer of hope was this yummy-tasting toothpaste which is fluoride free so perfect for children like mine who just like to suck and swallow the paste.

A happy little Martha
A happy little Martha

10)   Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Every morning I wake up to the sound of my daughter calling out ‘Mummmmmmmmyyyyy’. It’s usually around 7am – even on a Sunday. To help me wake up, I use this fabulous spray which refreshes my face and gives a balanced start to the day. It’s now become such a ritual that my daughter also likes to get involved and we take turns to spray each other, much to her delight. It definitely does the trick…although obviously I still have to have my morning grapefruit before I’m completely fully functioning!

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