Bath & Unwind wear Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children

It seems people fall into two camps when it comes to the humble Christmas jumper.

Either you’re convinced of their tongue-in-chic style credentials and can’t wait to unleash your collection of snowmen, robins and reindeer OR the very notion of appearing in public in a ‘comedy’ Santa sweater gives you sartorial chills that no amount of itchy wool will dispel.

Bath & Unwind in their festive best for charity

The B&U team are a fairly even split but whether they went all-out tacky or mumbled something about ‘channelling Sarah Lund’ they all donned their finest to raise money for Save the Children.

The charity is working to raise funds to help some of the world’s poorest children – to find out more about their Christmas campaign (and to see how you can help) check out their website.

John Lewis Save the Children charity jumper

Missed jumper day? Fear not, snap up John Lewis’ stylish sweater (above) and not only will you look fabulous (guess which camp I’m in!) but £25 of the proceeds will go directly to the charity.



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