Macadamia Oil products combine some of nature’s most powerful ingredients for healthy hair, including oil from the macadamia nut and argan seeds. Macadamia nut oil is bursting with goodness from essential fatty acids, meaning that it is one of nature’s most powerful ways to enrich and replenish your hair. Argan oil is proven to improve your hair’s strength and health, as it is rich in Omega 9 and unsaturated fatty acids.

Putting oil in your hair can sound off putting, (“what if it makes my hair look greasy?!”) but don’t worry, Macadamia Natural Oil is very lightweight, so won’t make you hair look greasy if used correctly, just strong, healthy and full of shine…

What Macadamia Oil products can I get my hands on?

  • Healing Oil Treatment This oil treatment provides intense nourishment and a finish that is smooth, free from tangles, frizz and grease, long-lasting, manageable and shiny. It also reduces drying time by up to 40-50% – fabulous!
  • Deep Repair Masque If you are after long lasting conditioning benefits, then the Deep Repair Masque is for you. Bursting with natural goodies, it rebuilds and rejuvenates your hair leaving it with improved elasticity and shine (and deeply nourished, of course).
  • Nourishing Leave-in Cream It’s here to tame disobedient and mischievous hair, while adding shine and natural UV protection.

There are loads more products for you to get your hands on, so check them out to see what must-haves you can snap up today.

What Macadamia Natural Oil would be best for my hair?


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