Fake tan is one of the 21st centuries greatest revelations. Allowing all the tanaholics out there to maintain a healthy glow all year round without causing UV damage.

We all like having a healthy glow and admit it, you have tried to convinced your friends or colleagues that your tan is real, however your white lie can become messy when it begins to ware off in all the wrong places, the worst being those fake tan giveaway triangles on your arms. Busted!

Here at Bath & Unwind we want to ensure you all have a healthy glow that lasts, is a good colour, easy to apply and top tips on how to remove it.

How to remove fake tan from palms, nails and feet

So, you have applied your tan and are walking around naked like robot waiting to dry, when you notice your hands are bright orange and you have the nails of a farmer. Even worse, you know this tan is going to get darker overnight, you can’t wash your hands without ruining the back of your hands, wrists and feet. Luckily there is a kitchen essential to save the day.

Simply add two tablespoons of baking soda to some water to create a paste. Scrub the areas with the paste, carefully avoiding the bits you want to be tanned and leave to work for a few minutes before wiping off with a damp cloth or flannel.

How to remove fake tan from clothes and bedding

After getting some beauty sleep, you wake up to find your tan has developed and your tan is now on fleek, but then you realise your favourite bedding has also had a tanning session, this could blow your cover. Or maybe you have tanned before a night out, meaning your “jeans and a nice top” combo is now stained.

Luckily there is a surprisingly obvious solution to this. Reverse the fabric and run it under cold water, this will help to loosen the product, but try not to rub it as you could end up smearing it and making it far worse. Instead, mix warm water and some detergent and sponge onto the affected area, repeat until the stain has disappeared.

When there is no beach to catch rays, grab a mitt and fake tan.

How to remove fake tan streaks

Remember that famous Friends episode when Ross gets a spray tan? If you do, you will remember laughing at the streaky orange disaster, however it is not as funny when your tanning session takes a similar turn for the worse.

We have all been there, when we miss the back of our leg or arm but not noticing until your tan has dried and you are left with the big fake tan give away.  Thankfully there is a lovely way to blend the streaks. Run a bath and add a few drops of your favourite bath oil, this will soften the tan. Using a clean mitt, gently blend the tan into the skin. This will weaken the appearance like blending foundation onto the neck. Using circular motions will ensure stubborn areas are evenly blended.

How to remove fake tan

There comes a time when you need to remove your  tan before people start noticing you it is fake and this is usually when those dreaded triangles and cracks around the fingers and toes start to appear. Unfortunately, there is not a trick to stop this from happening.

Removing tan can be quite a challenge, however they is an easy solution. Chlorine is excellent at breaking down particles and will make for easy removal after a good soak in it. If you are lucky enough to own your own swimming pool then be sure to take a dip for a good half hour before having a shower and exfoliating. Us that are not that fortunate will have to head to the nearest public pool. Steam rooms and saunas will also soften the tan and make for an easier removal.

Phew! No one will ever know you have been hitting the tan bottle!

Fake Tan- For when the sun is just not an option



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