Removing All Traces of Fake Tan

This post is especially for all my fellow tanaholics out there. If you are anything like myself and your night out is planned by when you can fit your tanning regime in, then this is just for you.

I tend to fake tan once or maybe twice a week in preparation for the weekend, but this is not undertaken without making sure every trace of tan I already have on is removed first. I am sure you have all experienced the scaly, flaky look that tends to appear after about day 5 of your tan being in place. Well ladies, I’m afraid adding more fake tan to cover it is really not going to work, in fact this will only make it worse.

For years I have scoured the internet for tips and tricks on how to remove fake tan, and these have included vodka, lemon juice, salt and even whitening toothpaste! Unfortunately, none of these worked for me but after wasting much money and time, I have finally found the answer after a little tip from our buyer (and qualified facialist extraordinaire!) Emily, who is also a lover of fake tan.

All you need is a hot bath, a flannel and a body scrub.

I am currently using Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Body Scrub which smells divine. I also like to add a little bath oil to really relax before I start the removal, and one of my favourites is Aromatherapy Associates Relax Bath & Shower Oil. After you’ve had a little you-time and enjoyed the essential oils, you simply need to scrub away the tan using the flannel to brush downwards, rubbing harder around the ankles and underarms. You should see the traces of tan simply flake away, and after you have removed the majority of the tan with the flannel, massage your body scrub of choice into the skin using firm circular motions and rinse. After you have finished in the bath, brush your skin dry with a towel as this will clear away any tan or dirt that is still remaining. I would recommend leaving your skin to relax for about half an hour before re-applying your tan.

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