Add a flash of radiance to your life

My hero product of the month, if not the year, has to be Gatineau Active Eclat Flash Radiance. I save it as a treat for days when I’m feeling tired and run down or when my skin is looking dull. Now the summer has passed us by and I’ve lost any sun-kissed glow I had accumulated, Flash Radiance does exactly what it says – delivers a flash of radiance to my face.

When applying it, the first thing you notice is the amazing zingy, yet sweet, orange scent. It reminds me of a chocolate orange and the smell alone makes me feel more awake. You only need a small amount and can apply it before or after moisturising. I use it mainly on my cheeks as this is where I need the radiance most.

The effects are almost instant and last throughout the day. It makes my skin look awake and glowing, and I look much fresher faced than I feel (always helpful when it’s cold and grey outside and you’ve had a busy week and feel frazzled). You can also use it to boost your complexion for no-makeup-days. Honestly, you can, it works!

A natural radiant glow is always a positive result for me. I don’t know how it does it, but I love it.

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