We Love… August

Essie Bridal Collection polishes Sugar-candy and milkshake shades add just the right romantic touch whether you’re the bride or a super-chic guest. Try delicate milky hues with a bright outfit or bolder sugared almond tones with a paler look.   Beauty Editor favourite I would scoop up the whole range of Phyto travel kits if I could – these rainbow bags are not only super … Continue reading We Love… August

Bath & Unwind pick their favourite holiday products

Jetting off on holiday? Wonderful. Worrying about what on earth you should be packing in that all-important makeup bag? Not so wonderful… To help you navigate your way through whatever the summer might throw at your skin, the Bath & Unwind team have shared their top travel picks, and a few other summer must-haves to see you through that heatwave in style. Francesca – Beauty Editor Decleor … Continue reading Bath & Unwind pick their favourite holiday products

Our buyers share their top picks for Spring 2014

The start of the year is always such an exciting time at Bath & Unwind. Lots of our lovely brands have gorgeous new products coming out and our buyers are in a flurry of activity, searching out the things they think you’ll really like. So, who better to give us a little sneak preview on the brightest and best products from the new collections? Get … Continue reading Our buyers share their top picks for Spring 2014

Why You Should Use Micellar Water Every Night

To all who are true cleansing devotees, Micellar Water should be on your radar. If cleansing with a cotton pad and a cream or water-based cleaner has never appealed to you, this cleansing product should be more suited to your needs. You should use Micellar Water every night to effectively remove make-up and daily grime, but first you should probably understand why this is a fantastically … Continue reading Why You Should Use Micellar Water Every Night

I’m super organised this Christmas (so you don’t have to be!)

Yes, you’re going to hate me but I have pretty much got all my Christmas shopping done already. Granted, I have a distinct advantage in that buying things is not just a hobby, it’s my job!  And yes, most of my family will be receiving presents from Bath & Unwind HQ, but the gifts we have on offer this year are (yet again) so gorgeous. … Continue reading I’m super organised this Christmas (so you don’t have to be!)

Holiday in Spain – my countdown!

It’s approaching my favourite time of year – Summer Holiday Time! I am off to the sunny Costa Blanca with some friends and cannot wait to relax in the sun for a week and do little else!  With just under two weeks to go I am preparing my body to be ‘bikini ready’ and stepping up my gym sessions and beauty regime in a last minute panic as usual!

Here’s a few of the products I will be packing in my suitcase and using in preparation:

1. Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion  As soon as I heard about this product, I was looking forward to trying it for myself.  This product has a unique triple action to help prepare, boost and prolong tanning before and after sun exposure. You start using it daily for a minimum of two weeks before sun exposure, then every evening after exposure (it doubles up as an aftersun). You then continue using it for several weeks after your holiday to help maintain your tan. Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion encourages the skin’s natural self-protection through advanced-performance melanin production activators. With its promise of a healthy looking, even and deeper colour which lasts longer, I have been applying this religiously everyday so far as any product which will help me achieve my perfect tan is a hero product for me! It glides on my skin easily with its lightweight formula and has a lovely refreshing scent that smells similar to most aftersun lotions so it straight away puts me in holiday mode!

Continue reading “Holiday in Spain – my countdown!”

Gatineau training at Bath & Unwind HQ

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Gatineau here at HQ recently. We had product training and learnt all about their fantastic range of skincare products.  It’s great when our brands visit us – we receive excellent training to increase our product knowledge, equipping us with a broad understanding of what they can do for your skin – and we also get the … Continue reading Gatineau training at Bath & Unwind HQ