After surviving the January blues, I thought I may have avoided the cold lurgy that’s been spreading throughout our office…how wrong I was. The first week in February, I was struggling to sleep at night due too my annoyingly stuffy nose (sad face). So along with some painkillers and heavy doses of vitamin C, I decided to purchase some goodies to help relax after a tiresome day. They really do help nurse my cold and help relieve any stress I’m feeling. Last year I suffered with insomnia for many nights and if I knew these products existed, I would have used them a long time ago!

So after walking home from work, cooking dinner and doing a few chores, if I’m feeling down in the dumps, a hot soak in the bath can never go wrong. Whilst the bath is running, it helps to set the mood in my little home with some lovely scented candles.

I adore my Neom Serenity Candle which fills the place with sweet vanilla and sandalwood scent. Also, bath oils can really help calm your skin and give the bathroom that luxurious smell and added ‘ahhh’ feeling. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, with soothing blends of chamomile and vetivert, does this wonderfully.

Once out of the bath, it’s time to soothe those wrinkly fingers and toes by moisturising. For me, it is SO important to moisturise after a bath or shower as my skin goes super red and needs some TLC. I’ve recently discovered the new Korres body milks range, which absorb quicker than their body butters and still leave that silky, soft texture. Korres are renowned for their amazing scents so try and choose something that is a little more calming like coconut or vanilla.

Usually I wash my face in the bath or shower to remove all the dirt and makeup from my face, so there is no need to repeat. However, to calm down my bright red face, I nourish it with a sensitive moisturiser, such as Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Me Face & Body Cream. This contains aloe vera which is perfect to calm the redness. If I notice a spot or blemish about to spring, I quickly treat it with my new Tisserand Aromatherapy Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick. I love it! It pretty much looks like a lip gloss so it’s precise to use on an area that needs to be treated. I also love the tea tree smell.

Just before I get cosy in bed, I rub a little Badger Balm Aromatic Chest Rub on my wrists, throat and temples to soothe any stuffiness I’m feeling. Full of eucalyptus and herbs, this chest rub is great to use and you can also use a teaspoon in a humidifier or pot of hot water as a steam inhalant for that extra kick. Another treat to use is This Works Pillow Spray. My co-workers raved about this product and I have to admit, it is amazing. Just spray a little on your pillow and that powerful lavender mist will not disappoint your nose!

(with a cheeky spoonful of Cadbury’s hot chocolate) is the perfect hot drink to have just before a good night’s sleep.

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