World Foot Health month is upon us, the sun is out (hurrah) and that means the spotlight is focused firmly on our feet. I wouldn’t mind betting that after a long hard winter stuffed into boots and socks we’re not all in a big hurry to whisk them out! Feet often get a little neglected but a few simple steps can make a real difference to how they look and feel, and that’s something we’re really in favour of.

Not sure where to start? Well not to worry, the experts at Margaret Dabbs have given us a simple foot-care plan to help you get your feet in tip top condition.

The golden rule

ALWAYS FILE YOUR FEET WHEN THEY ARE DRY. It’s really important, not least because it will make the results last longer. If you attempt it on wet skin the file won’t grip properly and you’ll find it harder to identify the areas you want to tackle. Skin is also much weaker when it’s wet so you risk damaging it or even causing it to tear (ouch!).

If you have lovely clean and dry feet then proceed…

Prepping your feet

Remove any nail varnish from the toes (which, if you’re anything like me, might have been there since your last holiday!). Acetone free varnish removers are the best as they’re gentler on the nail.

Cut your toenails straight across – this makes it less likely you’ll get a painful ingrown nail – and then use a file like the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File. Work it across the ends of the nail, filing in both directions if you want, but keeping the line of the nail straight across.

Next up, add a little serum (such as Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum) to each nail and cuticle and allow to sink in. Remove any excess product to ensure your nails are ready for buffing.

Filing and buffing

Using a file like the Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File is really effective to target dry areas like the heels and slough away dead skin (trust me, I’ve tried it). Be careful not to file away too much as a layer of skin should be left to protect new skin underneath.

Now it’s time to buff your nails. Make sure the nail is totally dry and use the green side of the Margaret Dabbs Super Shiner Buffer to seal the nail. Then use the white side to get a high-shine effect – the more quickly you buff the more dramatic the result will be.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot LotionAnd now for a little TLC…

Now your nails and dry skin have been addressed your skin is ready for some nurturing. Spray each foot with one or two pumps of oil, like Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil and work in until it’s completely absorbed.

Follow with a lotion, like the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (a small amount will suffice because the product is so rich) and allow to sink in.

Adding some decoration?

Your feet are now sandal-ready, but if you fancy adding a splash of colour to your nails then remember these handy hints: make sure there is no oil left on your nails, use a base coat to prime your nail before adding two layers of your favourite polish and then seal it with a top coat once dry.


Follow the plan once a week and your feet will be fighting fit and ready to carry you right through summer.


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