Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel hits the stage and screen.
Wolf Hall – If this massive tome is still gathering dust on your book shelf (yes yes, we know it’s supposed to be brilliant!), take heart! It’s been dramatised for the stage, alongside the Sequel Bring Up the Bodies and is running at the RSC until March 29th. It’s been getting raves but if you miss out on seats at Stratford, don’t worry – we hear rumbles of a television series too.

Verily Magazine – We’re incredibly excited by the news that finally a magazine exists featuring real women – so all of us then. At B&U we’re 100% in favour of each and every person being themselves – their non-edited, so-what-if-I-have-a-bit-of-celulite? fabulous selves. Check out Verily’s policy on photoshopping for a really cheering read (freckles, crows feet and curves get the recognition and love they deserve) and treat yourself or a friend to a few issues.

Pastels – The prettiest way to perk up the drearier months of the year. Fancy a little fondant? Work the look in your wardrobe, your makeup bag, on your nails and even in your hair! Try high colour/low commitment with Bumble and bumble’s Spraychalks.

Party Feet – Probably feeling a little battered after the festive season and gearing themselves up for  the next few months when awards kick off and the red carpets reignite our enthusiasm for sky rocket heels. Indulge your tootsies with a little TLC and try these tips from the brilliant Margaret Dabbs.

Wearing something nice underneath – Alice Temperley’s Somerset range for John Lewis is one rather lovely way to make sure you feel a little bit glamorous when all your outer layers are about being practical and cosy (admittedly, loveliness of its own kind).

Debating long vs short hair – Oh dear, our 2013 hair resolution was to channel long, flowing locks like Jessica Chastain and just as we were getting there Jennifer Lawrence chops all hers off and looks sensational. Dilemma.


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