Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

We have all heard the phrase sensitive skin and there are many beauty products on the market specifically designed for sensitive skin. But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin: Our skin barrier should keep things that irritate the skin way, acting like a shield. For this to work our skin must contain the correct amount of moisture. Our skin is exposed to … Continue reading Top 10 Products For Sensitive Skin

Tea Tree: Our Top Product Picks

We all know and love Tea Tree, not only for the distinctive scent but the diverse uses and benefits. Tea tree oil is a light yellow coloured oil that is extracted from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia. The plant itself is native to Australia. Here are some of the many common uses for tea tree oil: Acne Bacterial infections Chickenpox Cold sores Earaches Head … Continue reading Tea Tree: Our Top Product Picks

Behind the brand… Badger Balm

You can’t not love Badger Balm. It all started in ‘Badger’ Bill Whyte’s kitchen and now, despite its popularity, the family owned brand is still true to its natural, organic ingredients and loving ethos. Pass us the Badger Balm – we’re sold. ‘Badger’ Bill Whyte In 1994 ‘Badger’ Bill Whyte owned a small contracting business. During the hard winters, many of the carpenters developed severe … Continue reading Behind the brand… Badger Balm

Cleanse or to Double Cleanse?… That is the question.

Double cleansing has become the talk of our offices – which isn’t a surprise as it seems to be the talk of the industry! Do you, don’t know, maybe sometimes? As we have access to a wealth of knowledgeable brands here at Bath & Unwind, we decided to get the low down on the most important part of your beauty routine: cleansing. Choosing the right cleanser … Continue reading Cleanse or to Double Cleanse?… That is the question.

Dr Hauschka’s guide to picking the right mask for your skin

Choosing the right mask for your skin can feel overwhelming when there are so many options out there.  With this in mind, we asked experts in aiding long term healthy and youthful skin, Dr. Hauschka, to give us their guide on choosing which mask is right for you. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was founded in 1967 by Elisabeth Sigmund, a cosmetologist and Dr. … Continue reading Dr Hauschka’s guide to picking the right mask for your skin

Travel Saviours

We have picked out our must have travel sized products suitable for all your holiday needs… Trilogy Everything Balm – Everything Balm is truly for everything. Use on specific areas to provide intense moisture and protection from dehydration, or melt gently in your palms and rub all over the skin to relieve and relax muscles. Suitable for all the family, even the baby! Ultrasun Family … Continue reading Travel Saviours

Pommade Divine really is divine

We love a brand that has just one product, sometimes too much choice makes beauty shopping overwhelming. Pommade Divine just gets it right, suitable for all skin types, even babies, it’s a desk staple at Bath & Unwind HQ, and here’s why… Described as the 300-year-old beauty secret, this multi-tasking gem has been taking care of families since the 1800. Combining natural restorative properties of … Continue reading Pommade Divine really is divine

Gold stars all round – see our award winning products

Picking the right product for you can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge – how do you narrow down the field when there are so many to choose from? Sometimes a tried-and-tested favourite can be your best bet. We’ve rounded up some of the products on Bath & Unwind that not only won prestigious beauty awards in 2013 (sometimes for the third year … Continue reading Gold stars all round – see our award winning products

Confessions of a makeup-phobe

I have an admission which as a woman is something I’m rather ashamed of. I’m in my early (almost mid!) thirties and don’t have a clue about makeup. In fact, skincare generally leaves me cold so I do a very good impression of an ostrich. If I don’t do anything I can’t be doing that much wrong can I?! Unfortunately, I’ve realised that although I still see myself in my (late) … Continue reading Confessions of a makeup-phobe

Charlotte – the Caudalie convert

When a brand discontinues a product that you totally love, it is inevitable that the quest for a new favourite will soon begin. A couple of months ago, my favourite makeup remover and cleanser were discontinued. After I had turned the house upside down looking for any bottles with a couple of uses left (and then sat on my bathroom floor trying to cut the … Continue reading Charlotte – the Caudalie convert

The Beauty Team’s favourite natural and organic products

That annoyingly skinny and perky girl from the gym showers with them. Those hip celebs ease the mind with them after a particularly deep Kabbalah/Scientology session. The carrot-cake eating, coffee-lunching Primrose Hill set bathe their children in them. I’m talking about organic and natural beauty products. These bad boys are no longer relegated to the realms of vegan die-hards and yoga gurus. Rather, they have … Continue reading The Beauty Team’s favourite natural and organic products

The science of Nuxellence

This year so far seems to be the year for scientific research based beauty discoveries. I keep coming across new products with a wealth of complex information behind how they work. I don’t really need to know the science; I’m mostly interested in whether or not they work as well as they claim, but I can’t help but find the science fascinating. So, for all … Continue reading The science of Nuxellence

Best products for sensitive skin

“I can’t because I have sensitive skin” There are so many times I have heard and used this phrase throughout my life. The latest glittery bubble bath my friends were using, the must-have fake tan that girls swore by, those amazing face washes for teenage spots – I could use none of them, as it would effect my sensitive, eczema-prone skin VERY badly. Endless trips … Continue reading Best products for sensitive skin

Need a facial boost? Astalift Re-Plumping Moisture Mask is your saviour

I’ve become a bit of a mask addict of late, and recently had the pleasure of trialling a new spa facial mask from the relatively new brand-on-the-block Astalift. Launched in 2012, Astalift was THE brand of year. Created by Fujifilm, (yes the same company that produces your camera!) Astalift uses a naturally occurring antioxidant called Astaxanthin in all their products to shield skin against the daily environmental damage that can cause … Continue reading Need a facial boost? Astalift Re-Plumping Moisture Mask is your saviour