Yes To… an exclusive interview with Ido Leffler

I recently caught up with Ido Leffler, founder of natural brand Yes To, in order to find out more about the company and their interesting use of fruit and vegetable ingredients. The staff at Bath & Unwind HQ are big fans, especially as there is a range to suit everyone, from sensitive to spot prone, and for babies to us more… mature types. Who are … Continue reading Yes To… an exclusive interview with Ido Leffler

Visiting the Cowshed

title=”Cowshed” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Cowshed\ last Monday at the beautiful Babington House Spa, I learnt a great deal about the brand, with all its quirky moods and wonderful products. As a graphic designer, it was interesting to see where the brand originated and I knew it was important to know these characteristics to portray the designs correctly. Not only did I get to try a variety of … Continue reading Visiting the Cowshed

Why natural skincare is a must for you and your baby

Guest post by Jennifer Gledhill, co-founder of Boo Boo. When we launched our Boo Boo skincare range, my friend Corinna and I had just had our second children. I was tearing my hair out because I couldn’t find a natural nappy cream that really worked. As a former beauty writer, I knew all about effective skincare ingredients and what I did and did not want … Continue reading Why natural skincare is a must for you and your baby

Introducing: KMS California

I recently bought the amazing value KMS California Silk Sheen Duo, and have been really impressed with the results. My hair feels thicker and softer with no heavy residue. As I tend not to brush my hair, it has not left it that shiny but it still has a lustrous quality. I decided to find out a little bit more about the history of this salon brand. … Continue reading Introducing: KMS California

Exclusive Q & A with Neom

I caught up with Nicola Elliott, founder and director of Neom, to find out how they started and learn more about the importance of organic ingredients. What inspired you to create Neom? My sister Katie had a lot to do with it. She is the environmentalist in the family! One Christmas, I was searching for a gift that was really beautiful but also had green … Continue reading Exclusive Q & A with Neom

How often do you go nude?

Nude skincare was born when Fresh & Wild founder Bryan Meehan met fair trade pioneer Ali Hewson and decided that their passion for ethical business and good nutrition could be applied to a new project. Luckily for all of us it turned out to be skincare. The Nude team have received boundless praise from beauty industry professionals because of their innovative use of ingredients and … Continue reading How often do you go nude?

Your body. Your soul. Your rituals.

Rituals is a beautiful brand who believe our habits, rituals and actions shape our daily lives. They believe that by showering these routines with meaning, we can turn our ordinary, day to day rituals into extraordinary experiences. We all love harmony in our homes, and the Rituals collection helps bring us balance in our body and soul. Their philosophy is portrayed through their different ranges: Ayurveda: The … Continue reading Your body. Your soul. Your rituals.

Exclusive Q&A with Elemental Herbology

Ever wondered what the founder of an exceptional, results driven skincare brand would consider their favourite product, and how they get beach ready? Well, we were lucky enough to interview Kristy Cimesa, the founder of Elemental Herbology, and found out her best tips and tricks… What inspired you to create Elemental Herbology and what is your philosophy when creating products? During my years studying Chinese medicine and practising as a spa therapist, … Continue reading Exclusive Q&A with Elemental Herbology

Visiting Cowshed’s Babington House Spa

Last week, Hazel and I visited Cowshed at Babington House Spa in Somerset, the tranquil, rural retreat where the brand was born. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, perfect for enjoying the countryside surroundings, so it felt strange being there to look at the launch of their fabulous Christmas gift sets for later this year. I will tell you about what we have in … Continue reading Visiting Cowshed’s Babington House Spa

Wild for Bees at Burt’s Bees Culture Day 2012

Burt’s Bees takes social responsibility very seriously. Their product range averages 99% natural with half of the range being 100% natural. They are continually striving for all formulas to be 100% natural by using the latest technology to create the best products and never using ingredients that have any potential suspected health risks. More than that though, they are truly working to improve local communities and … Continue reading Wild for Bees at Burt’s Bees Culture Day 2012

Why we love Astalift

Why we love Astalift Astalift has a unique heritage, with the brand being founded in 2007 by the Japanese Fujifilm company. Fujifilm has been conducting research into photographic film for decades, and when their researchers realised oxidisation and light damage were common to both fields, they turned their attention to the skincare market. We love that Astalift has taken such an innovative approach to the beauty … Continue reading Why we love Astalift

Get the vintage look with Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is one of the brands we stock here at Bath & Unwind that is undoubtedly a household name, and the history of the company is fascinating. Born Florence Nightingale Graham in 1884 (homage to the Lady with the Lamp), she assumed the business name Elizabeth Arden, and established her first salon on New York’s Fifth Avenue in 1910. Bringing beauty trends such as … Continue reading Get the vintage look with Elizabeth Arden

Why we love DuWop

The DuWop story began in 1998 on the set of hit US TV show ‘Felicity’, when makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci developed Igels as a way to soothe the actors’ puffy eyes and dark circles. Following on from this DuWop’s breakthrough product, Lip Venom, was born from a curiosity to see if the full, pouty lips of the actors after a passionate love scene could be recreated using a … Continue reading Why we love DuWop